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SAVE THE DATE - Grill Demo Day
We will be having our Grill DEMO day in April. Check out all Zettler Hardware has to offer and more in the grill arena. See how the grills work and taste some food!
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Ten Power Tool Safety Tips
Regularly use your power tools within their limitations. Be sure to know and read the handbook from the corporation who created the tool, to make sure that you are using it accurately. Make sure you have the proper boots or shoes, gloves and eyewear for protection...
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Smoke Your Holiday Turkey
Smoke your turkey this holiday season! View this video from Weber on how to get the juiciest turkey and most flavor you can get!
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Listed Are 5 Ways to Inspect Your Home for Security and Safety
While the weather is changing in Powell, Pickerington, and Columbus there are some spaces in the house to test and check that should be something we think about. Our location a full-service hardware store carrying everything you need for house safety and home security.
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New Products at Powell
Save the Date for Our Fall Grill Event at the Pickerington or Powell stores on October 12. Prepare for FREE food & drinks, live grill demo's and enter to win a $500 Shopping Spree! Plus BIG SAVINGS on grills, paint, patio furniture, and lawn care!
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Fall Grass Seeding from Zettler Hardware
At Zettler Hardware in Powell, Pickerington, and Columbus we recommend seeding in late August through the October months. The right month to establish grass seed and administer fertilizer in in autumn will revive the lawn for a dazzling lawn in the spring and summer months.
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Learn A Little About Spray Paint
Aerosol spray paint is a great product to use easily! Spray paint is so all-purpose and easy to use. It unquestionably cuts time for painting in half, especially if you are working on a small project. Repeatedly the head brands in spray paint are artistic better ways to use it.
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Good Ole' Smokin' Traeger Wood-Fired Grills
Why would you want to choose a Traeger grill? The taste and savory flavors it gives to your food, the versatility it has in diverse wood flavors, ease of use, steadiness in performance and taste, and bringing community and family folk together in Powell, Pickerington, and Columbus.
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It is In No Way Too Late To Position Heat Tapes Around Your Pipes:
Some not so good things that can happen during a very frosty duration is having your water shut off due to your pipes chilling to the point of freezing. This might be short-lived and your pipes might defrost on its own with not too much destruction. On the other hand if the pipes are ice-cold for a reasonable length of time, there is a danger of them bursting, resulting in a high-priced pipe restoration project. Among other things the stream of flooding that may occur wrecking lots of types of...
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What is Ice Damming & How to Block it
An Ice dam is a large formation of Ice that forms behind a typical set of Icecicles. When this Ice melts, the water can gather behind and seep into and under the shingles. Eventually, that water can leak through your ceiling, causing damage and other issues to the roof and interior walls. We here at Zettler Hardware in Powell, Pickerington, and Columbus want to help you prepare and prevent this issue. Armed with a little more knowledge, you will be ready to conquer the ice, once and for all.
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Well-known 10 Tips for Saving Energy and Money this Winter in Powell, Pickerington, and Columbus
Winterizing is of the most important techniques you can leverage to keep your home working at top power. This is often achieved by switching to ENERGY STAR windows and/or doors, using LED bulbs, exceptionally insulating your residence, and sealing leaks. If youre looking to get serious about energy and money saving this winter, here are some of the best 10 picks for the most powerful ways to put more back into your wallet.
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Painting like the pros, even if you arent one.
Painting. For some, it is the best way to update your rooms without going over budget. For others, it is a horror story that only gets done before moving. No matter the case, we have collected a few of the best tip and tricks to help you get your colors from why did we pick this color to this is so much better!
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