Window and Screen Repair

Ultimately, a screen in your house will get torn, whether if it be by accident, a naughty pet, or just time itself. This can be quite a dilemma when it comes to keeping bugs and dust outside of your home. Don’t fret, you can take your ripped screen to Zettler Hardware in Powell, Pickerington, and Columbus and get them repaired quickly.

Our staff will be capable of repairing any window screen of any proportion you have. Furthmore, we’ve been providing window screen repair services to our customers for a good deal of time, so we’re rather proficient at it. Given that the frame isn’t destroyed also, we’ll get your window screen repaired and you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh breeze throughout your house right away.
Plus if you have any busted window panes, we are able to effortlessly repair those as well. Again, all you need to do is bring in your window pane and we’ll be able to get you fixed up immediately. Please give our store a ring if you’d like more information on our window screen and glass repair services. 


Lamp Repair

Has one of your lamps went out and left you by yourself in the dark recently? Did you put a new light bulb in only to see that it won’t come back on? Evidently you’re dealing with a broken lamp. Don’t toss it and drop a great deal of dollars on another one, however, bring it to Zettler Hardware and we’ll show you the reason we’re your local lamp repair shop.
Despite what the real issue turns out to be, we’ve got the right replacement components and know-how to get it going once more in no time.
Don’t wait to come in today, and bring your broken lamp with you. You’ll swiftly find out why so many of your neighbors rate us as the best lamp repair service in the area.

Paint Matching

When you need to re-paint your house, it’s always exciting. Everything is going to seem spic-and-span and look immaculate when the job is wrapped up. You use time viewing and examining your alternatives, and you subsequently select the perfect color. The problem is it’s a tone of green on a throw pillow, a mellow blue from the living room curtains, or simply a color that you “don’t know specifically what it’s called but it’s on page 19 of this magazine”.

Never fear. Here at Zettler Hardware we’ve been assisting people with their paint color matches for years. And with the adding of technology into the mix, we’ve refined our process even further. This allows us to make the most exact color match you’ll find in in the local area.

We’ll kick things off by working with you to determine the type of paint you’re wanting. This is especially important as different sheens display the same color formula a little differently. We’ll then run through the process of matching the colors with our computer. This will provide a small test sample that we can adjust to your perfect color match as needed. After all, every now and then you need a little manual manipulation to get it perfect.

And the terrific thing is all of this is included when you buy paint from us. We sell a tremendous selection of paint brands in all the finishes you could want. We also sell a wealth of paint supplies that you can buy to make the job go smoothly.

So bring in your pillow, picture, curtain, or whatever else you need color matched and we’ll get you on the road to your new paint job ASAP. Find out for yourself why so many people in the local area turn to us for all their paint and paint matching needs.

Key Cutting & Duplication

Your extra car key seems to have disappeared. Perhaps you shouldn’t risk the chance of misplacing your primary key too.
What you could use are the local Ohio key services of Zettler Hardware. In truth, we’re more than just a hardware shop. We supply all types of services and products to satisfy all your company and domestic needs, including getting spare keys cut and locks re-keyed.
Our range of local key services includes … 

  • In-store service,
  • quick, pinpoint key cutting, key programming, and key duplication using the most cutting edge technology,
  • the replacement of lost, ruined, or otherwise damaged keys, including
    • house keys
    • car keys
    • garage keys
    • mailbox keys
    • office keys
    • remote keys and key fobs,
    • high-security keys, and
    • transponder keys
  • lock repair and lock re-keying

Our skilled professional associates work swiftly and efficiently, utilizing the most cutting edge key-cutting gear available to provide you with a copy of keys that work the first time, every single time. Also, you’ll see that our prices are among the most reasonable of any other place serving Powell, Pickerington, or the Columbus area. We often extend to our loyal customers promotional discounts, as well. Come by Zettler Hardware today and see why so many of your community members have made us their ultimate key cutting shop.

Propane Services

So you have gone outside and are ready to cook…but you recognize and see that there is ZERO propane for your grill! Where do you move from here?

We have PROPANE EXCHANGE to get you going again!

If you really need a new 20# tank, stop by our neighborhood store and get one! Assuming that you already have a propane tank and just require an exchange, this is your local place! One of our business services at Zettler Hardware is propane exchange.

Also, if you need a new grill or spare parts repairing any set up that’s not working correctly, we have tons of stuff to give you a hand in that department. We are excited to make your grilling season the best ever!

Ship-to-Store Orders

FREE Ship-To-Store, FREE In-Store Pick-Up

Shipping is FREE when you buy on-line and ship-to the store! Just select ship-to-store at check out and make sure to pick our Zettler Hardware location. We have plenty of specialty departments with up to 67,000 items in merchandise to select from. If it’s not in our store, it is in our warehouse. Need it sooner than later? Visit or call us and let’s explore the possibilities and see if we can order it specially for you. We will have it on our next shipment to the store. Deliveries commonly arrive within a week or less. With so many shipping options to pick from, our associates can assist you with which shipping opportunity to use to get it to you quickly.

Special Orders

With Zettler Hardware having a special order plan of action, you can shop our entire and almost endless selection of items online. Departments like, hardware, tools, electrical, plumbing supplies and much more . There are a multitude of products available for your convenience through special order that may not be provided in our store. Don’t see the device you need in the store while shopping? Stop over to our service desk and ask them to search for the items you desire. We will gratefully hunt for the merchandise in our system and see how soon we can get the product in for you. Shipping times on special orders could differ depending on the manufacturer. Right when your special order arrives, an employee will get in touch with you to let you know that your special order has reached us for delivery or pickup. Our on-line service for shipping is FREE to our location. You might want to have the merchandise shipped straight to your house or business (shipping charges can apply).

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